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Social Media Guidelines


An outstanding Edutopia guest post from Steven Anderson (one of the top educators in the field of edtech), with a free copy of a social media policy currently being used in a real public school. Here’s the introduction:

More and more, social media is becoming a part of our daily lives. Just today, Mashable is out with a report that says Pintrest (which is less than a year old) is the #3 social network in the U.S. This report mentions that the amount of monthly traffic Facebook receives is seven billion page views, and Twitter receives 182. Again, these are just U.S. statistics. If we were to look at the numbers worldwide, I would guess they would be much, much higher.

But it isn’t just adults who are moving more of their lives to online spaces. In a recent Pew Internet survey, 73 percent of all teens used social networks daily. The most popular of these is Facebook; however, Twitter, Myspace and even LinkedIn are not far behind.

And it isn’t just teens. The #1 social network for kids under the age of 13 is Club Penguin. It is visited more times each day than the New York Times.

This data is staggering.

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